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With the help of our data-driven marketing research and insights team, which enables you to access data from many sources to understand more about your consumers and business, gain an advantage in the digital sphere.

What exactly are “digital research and insights”?

Our digital research and insights services are the ideal answer if your company wants to comprehend consumer behavior and take prompt action.

Brand health and SWOT analysis

We can provide you with insights that will enable you to generate fresh concepts, identify the most promising growth prospects, and establish a distinctive brand identity.

Define Audience Intelligence

For an intent search, our market research specialists may assist you in defining your brand, target audience, income, location, gender, interests, and demographics.

Consumer and Sector Analysis

To get the highest return on investment, our team of big data specialists can assist you identify your target market and the industry you should concentrate on.

Keyword Search Intent Analysis

To help your website rank, receive quality leads, and reach the correct audience, develop a high-quality keyword plan.

Analysis Competition & Competitors

In order for you to adapt, enhance, and acquire an edge, we want to obtain insight into the techniques that are effective for others in your market.

UI / UX & Website Audit

We assist you in creating a user interface that resonates with your audience by taking into account user-friendly designs, your company objectives, and your domain.


To assess risks, identify potential weak points, develop crisis scenarios, and report on the situation, we gather data. This helps a crisis be averted or at least mitigated.

Auditing of Existing Digital Activity

Audits of digital activity enhance performance while cutting costs. This aids in the removal of negative perceptions, the setting of fresh objectives, and performance improvement.

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Digital research and insights’ advantages

Recognize your market

It aids in your understanding of consumer, competitive, and market needs as well as market sizes, and it shows you how to grow your organization.

Recognize your rivals

Real-time information enables you to quickly alter your business plans to keep up with shifting trends and outperform your rivals.

Understanding business insights

Market analysis is useful at every level of business strategy. For precise forecasting, it offers data and insights. It may also influence important strategic choices.

Identify who your target market is.

With thorough data, you can create a comprehensive buyer’s profile that includes information on the audience’s age, gender, location, hobbies, product search patterns, brand loyalty, and many other factors.

Understand SWOT analysis

Your competitors’ advantages, disadvantages, opportunities, and threats can be revealed by market research. These details aid in determining the proper course of action and company priorities.

Market entry strategy

Market research is useful for introducing new products or entering new markets. Regular research can also assist you in locating chances that are growth-oriented.

Saving a lot of money

One of the nicest things about market research is that by improving efficiency and reducing costs, it may help firms save time and money.

Know your trade.

With the use of quantitative projection, you can determine where your company is today, where it might go in the next 5 years, and what methods might be employed to get there.

Frequently asked questions

The most common inquiries about research and
Insight Services

What are the offerings of your research and insight services?

You can use the information from our research and insight services to decide on your marketing approach. We modify data to get outcomes that are clear and useful. To examine what customers desire and how you can close the service or product gap, the data is targeted at a particular audience.

Which fields gain from customer research?

All types of organizations benefit from making use of client feedback. The most prosperous companies use consumer insights research to develop strategies, marketing, and new products or ways to enhance already existing ones.

What kinds of reporting on research does NSMedia offer?

NSMedia provides both pre-packaged (or syndicated) market research reports and client-specific custom market research reports. We also maintain a sizable library of market research papers that will be released soon or are currently under development. These reports are released at specific intervals. These upcoming reports might be hurried, depending on the client’s preferences.

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