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Implement a productive method for overseeing performance and marketing operations. Google Tag Manager tags, third-party marketing tags, your website, and app analytics can all be tracked and measured in one location, allowing you to clearly understand your performance and differentiate yourself from the competition.

What we do using Google Tag

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Account setup and integration

To evaluate the effectiveness of your website or marketing, we rapidly set up Google Tag Manager and integrated it into your app, website, and third-party URLs.


We established a goal and gave the conversion a monetary value. The sum creates a goal value every time a goal is accomplished.


To track scroll level or page views, we created tags in Google Tag Manager and utilized those tags as goals.

Phone calls

We installed GTM on your website to monitor phone number clicks so we can determine who is considering doing business with you.


We take advantage of event monitoring to learn about the actions visitors to your website perform, such as clicks, while they’re there.

Google ads

The conversion activity that visitors to your site take after seeing or clicking on your Google advertising is tracked by Google advertising tracking.

Facebook Pixel

GTM assists with the integration of Facebook pixels, which monitor website conversions and events to demonstrate the effectiveness of your advertising.

Third-Party Url

Google Tag Manager (GTM) assists us in managing third-party tracking technologies as well as certain data integrations.

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Google Tag Manager’s advantages

Real-time monitoring

GTM saves time by allowing you to manually add tracking codes. enables you to create, modify, and remove tracking tags.

The next marketing strategy is simple to plan

You can edit, add, test, and launch tags rapidly without having to write complicated website code. This increases launch times and provides you freedom.

Coordinated reporting

It keeps tabs on various marketing channels. Avoiding maintaining multiple platforms and troubleshooting code in several locations is cost-effective.

Debug Options

Google has an automatic system that scans all tracking scripts and immediately disables any that appear to be malicious scripts.

Control of permissions

You may control who adds tags, macros, and rules to your website using GTM. Access levels range from none to read-only to editing and publishing.

Tracked scrolling

Scroll tracking behavior offers a wealth of information, including which page elements keep users’ attention and where they lose it.

Recognize user behavior

User behavior keeps track of the websites that users visit as well as their online activities. It enhances how the website is laid out.

An easy problem to solve

Now that everything is consolidated, identifying and fixing tag issues is easier. Even before the inaccuracies are disclosed, you can still do it.

It’s free.

GTM is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses because it is free. The premium version of it, Tag Manager 360, is suitable for usage by big enterprises.

Frequently asked questions

The most common inquiries relating to Google Tag
Management Services

What does a Google Tag Manager actually do?

A free tool for managing tags is Google Tag Manager. It enables you to maintain and add marketing tags (code snippets or tracking pixels) without having to modify the source code of your website or mobile application.

What is included in Google Tag Management Services?

Numerous Google Tag Manager services are provided by NSMedia, including full audits, the setup of GTM containers, creating tags and triggers, continuous maintenance, and best practices optimization. To ensure that your Google Tag Manager account is used to its fullest potential, we will also provide Google Tag Manager solution planning services.

If I already have Google Analytics, why do I need Google Tag Manager?

A different application called Google Tag Manager is exclusively used to manage and store code that comes from outside sources. GTM lacks any reports or analytical tools. Google Analytics provides accurate reporting and analysis. Conversion tracking goals and filters are all set up and handled in Analytics. Google Analytics is used for all reporting, including engagement reports, time-on-page reports, custom segments, e-commerce sales, and conversion data.

However, GTM also has benefits, including the ability to interact with non-Google products, gather all third-party codes in one location, test anything and anything, and much more.

What kinds of information does Google Tag Manager gather?

To monitor the stability, performance, and quality of the installation and provide diagnostics on these factors, Google Tag Manager may gather some aggregated data regarding tag firing. Users’ IP addresses or any other measuring identifiers that can be used to identify a specific person are not included in this data.

How many different kinds of leads should I be able to bring in as a realtor?

The goal should be to draw both seller and buyer leads if you wish to work in this sector. The ability to attract both buyers and sellers of real estate is a prerequisite for success in this world.

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