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By offering digital audit and analytics configuration services for web applications, content strategy, search and social media presence, digital marketing, and sponsored campaign effectiveness, NSMedia boosts marketing and return on investment (ROI).

Services for digital marketing audits

You can change your digital marketing approach and uncover unrealized potential with the help of a thorough assessment from our team of experts.

Web design audit

We’ll determine the cause and resolve it. It could be a technical help, “call to action,” or content arrangement. Access to your material can be restricted by structural or navigational problems.

Content audit

When doing content audits, our technical and creative teams closely monitor how well the material performs in organic search, check for any gaps, and offer recommendations.

Paid campaign audit

We guarantee conversions at the lowest cost with our PPC audit service. We examine the campaign’s structure, targeting, impressions, click-through rate, and conversions.

SEO audit

We do a thorough on-page, off-page, and technical SEO audit to identify issues with crawlability, mobile usability, etc., and offer solutions.

Social media
marketing audit

Our specialists evaluate your online interaction numbers, tone, and messaging. Our areas of expertise include Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Snapchat.

reputation audit

We assist you in determining your brand’s current position in the market and use SWOT analysis to determine how to outperform your rivals.


We examine the population of rivals and provide a thorough analysis of their strategic positioning, assets, capacities, and initiatives.

work history

We analyze your plan, track your progress, and evaluate your market position. We also provide a strategy that incorporates historical data to make you stand out.

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Analytics Configuration Services

Use our top analytics configuration services to get precise insights into your data and accelerate your progress immediately.

Facebook pixel

We offer a variety of Google Analytics services, such as measurement mapping, scoping, configuration, CRM integration, eCommerce monitoring, goal setup, and campaign attribution.


Google Analytics

For Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and many other advertising platforms, we can assist you in setting up conversion tracking and pixel tracking.


Adobe Analytics

We assist you with numerous tasks such as setting up Adobe Debugger, creating tag properties, measuring updates, installing plugins, connecting modules, gathering data, and many more.


Semrush analytics

We assist you in setting up your Semrush analytics, which includes position tracking, ranks, site audit, sensor, CRM, gap analysis, PPC tool, etc., to give you an edge over the competition.


Google tag manager

We assist you in managing, combining, and installing Google tag configurations, such as click-to-call tracking, eCommerce tracking, and debugging GTM difficulties.


Google Webmaster

We establish objectives, run cost-benefit analytics campaign reports, set up analytics that increases website traffic, and track visitors and customers in your business in real time.



We assist you in gathering a great deal of code-free, user-centered product experience insights from your website and digital items.


SE Ranking

This session examines how a project evolves using information from Google Analytics, Search Console, and website rankings.

Positive aspects of digital marketing
Audit Services

Knowing your digital marketing background is beneficial.

In addition to providing information about opportunities, audits look at how things have previously operated and produce outcomes that include traction, objectives, plans, etc.

Set up a digital marketing plan.

An audit will provide a business and its marketing initiatives with an objective assessment of how well they are performing and potential improvement areas.

Determine what is effective

You may analyze the data and find out what’s working best for you and what needs to be changed or removed by tracking the success of your marketing campaigns.

Measure results and ROI.

Audits assist you in keeping track of information regarding conversion rate, leads, calls, impressions, reach, clicks, and the perceptions of your audience toward your business.

Analyze growth and performance.

The greatest approach to assess how things are going right now, identify potential problems, and identify opportunities for improvement is through the use of digital marketing audit services.

to understand user behavior

An audit provides details on how consumers are interacting with your material, what content they enjoy reading the most, and the product or service that is garnering the greatest popularity.

Boost conversion

A digital marketing audit enables you to optimize your digital assets to meet your strategic marketing objectives and address any issues to increase conversions.

It provides advice.

One advantage of auditors is suggestions. The recommendations included in audit reports include the tactics and material that are most effective and gaining the most momentum.

Real-time data is provided.

To help you achieve your strategic marketing objectives, audits provide real-time data on impressions, sales, conversions, calls, text messages, and other activities as well as the visitor’s path.

Frequently asked questions

The frequently asked questions about Audit and
Analytics Configuration Services

An analytics audit is what?

An analytics audit is frequently one of the first steps in making a measurement plan effective. Organizations that are expanding and developing require a clear measuring plan to stay up with shifting business requirements, competitiveness, and customer demands. The analytics audit lays the foundation for the future by developing your solution, outlining its architecture, and detailing how it will be used.

Why do I require services for audit and analytics configuration?

A Google Analytics audit is meant to assist you in obtaining accurate data that enables you to improve your company. Incorrect configuration of your Google Analytics account may result in the data it provides you with including internal traffic, spam sessions, and even inflated data from pages with multiple tracking codes.

Why is Google data extraction important?

If Google Analytics is configured properly, you’ll always be one step ahead of your rivals.

Without it, you run the risk of making both minor and major errors as well as failing to find business success, which is a formula for disaster. Chasing one’s tail is a terrible concept since it can result in poor choices, incorrect thinking, missing out on crucial opportunities, and financial loss.

What features does a Google Analytics audit include?
  • Checking the Tracking Code’s implementation: start collecting data or ensure that it is being done properly.
  • Activating the Admin section, making necessary changes or checks, resolving issues, and avoiding data fragmentation.
  • learning how to look at your data and spot gaps by studying Google Analytics reports.

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