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Get comprehensive paid search marketing services for Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Bing from our PPC agency in India. These services include everything from campaign setup and optimization to monitoring, running, and AB testing, as well as reporting on the outcomes.

Frequently Used PPC Ad Networks

Keep building your ad network today; don’t wait another day. With the greatest PPC company and market-leading tactics, you can maximize the potential of your company.

Google PPC Ads

Negative keywords are marked by Google PPC specialists to cut down on pointless clicks, boost ad score for more conversions, and guarantee that your advertisements only show up when people conduct relevant searches.

Microsoft Ads

The keyword-based platform Microsoft Ads enables targeting for particular populations. Bing, AOL, Yahoo!, and MSN all display these advertising.

YouTube ads

The ad campaigns are managed by Google Ads, which can target particular markets, affinity groups, and demographics, or even allow retargeting of the same individuals.

Facebook ads

Facebook’s advertising team uses targeting based on interests, demographics, actions, and behaviors, which enables the creation of an optimal funnel.

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Instagram ads

These advertisements feature a lot of video content in posts, stories, and reels that target particular audiences in particular groups who exhibit particular behaviors.

LinkedIn ads

It benefits B2B companies and appeals to those with professional attitudes and aspirations. You can employ a variety of ad types, such as spotlights, carousels, etc.

Twitter ads

To achieve a campaign goal utilizing audience and keyword targeting, your ad in this instance is just a tweet that you pay to broadcast to more people.

Pinterest ads

You can target a specific group of buyers and pin-browsers with Pinterest Ads who have a significantly higher propensity to make a purchase.

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Some of Our PPC Services are


Display marketing and re-marketing

We integrate bottom-of-funnel strategy with top-of-funnel reach through retargeting, context-specific targeting, and site targeting.


Setting Up Analytics & Tracking

We enable you to monitor conversions once viewers respond to your advertising by making a purchase, filling out a form, calling us, or downloading your app.


Landing page advisory

In order to increase advertising conversion rates, decrease bounce rates, and increase page views, we construct, design, and test landing pages.


Campaign improvement

Our campaign optimization services assist you in reaching a larger portion of your target market and achieving better results while spending less money.


Media strategy

We work with you to determine the best budget for your audience, the best medium to use to reach them, and the best timing for your advertisement.


Forecasting ROI

We assist you in evaluating the effectiveness and return on investment of advertising. To decide where to invest, we evaluate your PPC marketing initiatives.


Research Evaluation

Because we examine market research in a scientific manner, we can create a strategy that meets your branding, communication, and digital goals.


Goal-based ads

PPC search campaigns are strategically planned to generate more leads, establish a brand, and boost website traffic, phone calls, and conversions.

Services and PPC Ads’ Benefits

Immediate outcomes

PPC is a quick-acting strategy that will pay off in the long run. Right away, you’ll be able to target your audience with pertinent search results.

Branding and exposure

PPC increases the rating of your website and app while bringing in instant traffic. Increased site traffic from paid advertisements over time may help organic rankings.

Boost conversion rates

A PPC ad is the ideal option to achieve an urgent goal if you’re seeking immediate revenue, leads, visibility, and sales.

Real-Time Analysis

You receive real-time data and insights into ad campaigns with PPC advertisements, including information on CPC, CTR, CPL, costs, ad score, and the number of leads and calls.

Complete Transparency

PPC advertisements offer quantifiable and traceable data, making investment and returns clear. You have total control over your activity thanks to it.

Pay-per-click marketing can be measured and tracked.

Search engines use KPIs to demonstrate the advantages of PPC management. They comprise views, clicks, and the price paid for each prospect.

The appropriate and specific audience

You may plan your campaigns to run at particular times, in particular places, and to particular demographics using PPC advertising tools.

Entry for visitors

Most marketers will help you get started even if you have never used online marketing before. After their systems research keywords and competition, you select campaigns.

Frequently asked questions

Questions frequently asked about Paid Search

What exactly is paid search advertising?

To increase the visibility of their adverts on relevant search engine results pages (SERPs) and drive more traffic to their websites, businesses engage in paid search advertising. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the most popular form of paid search.

How does PPC work?

Pay-per-click is abbreviated as “PPC.” Marketers who want to participate in digital advertising must pay a fee for the adverts. The money required to pay the fee is generated via ad clicks. The same kind of payment is used, and it is based on how frequently marketers’ ads are clicked.

What does PPC campaign mean?

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are a smart idea for successful marketing. The PPC campaigns at NSMedia examine each component of an advertisement to ensure that it is constructed properly. This entails modifying landing pages, separating ad words, looking at pricey PPC keywords, and adding PPC keywords to negative keywords. We handle the competitive bidding for your PPC campaign, which calls for logical, pertinent, and well-organized material on your end. We make sure that none of the three components are lacking.

How long does it take to launch a PPC campaign?

The performance of PPC campaigns is determined by website goals. Surveys and analysts predict that over the next three months, results will increase. PPC is a short-term approach, thus pay-per-click campaigns must run for at least three months. In the first week, Google’s intricate and exact algorithm will examine your account.

You will continue to set campaign budgets during the three months, look for new keywords to expand your account, adjust keyword bids based on performance, engagement, and costs, test new ad copy and ad extensions, and discover new genres, like demographic groups, devices, and locations, to direct and bid on in your accounts. You can then obtain the outcomes.

Will PPC help my business expand?

PPC may give small businesses the immediate results they need to expand. The quickest approach to achieve immediate advertising results is through PPC. To figure out how much you’ve spent and whether you made a profit or loss, you can evaluate profits, costs, visits, and clicks. PPC campaigns need to focus on the right audience group. It is popular locally, builds brand recognition, is cost-effective, and provides helpful monitoring. These qualities ultimately aid in business expansion.

How could I locate a reputable PPC company?

Before researching for agencies, ascertain your company’s requirements. NSMedia provides PPC services that support your company’s objectives and is a partner with Google, Yahoo, and Bing. PPC should be used by your company to improve website rankings. It’s a wonderful choice for quick SERP outcomes. Our PPC specialists are familiar with your market and rivals.

From coordinating your company’s objectives with the campaign to utilizing AdWords, they handle everything. To make your company’s website appear higher on search engine results pages (SERPs), our PPC firm does extensive keyword research. We develop successful advertising programs that help you save money and get results.

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